About Us

Springtel Ltd

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Founded in 2016 by Peter Cresswell, Springtel provides expert consultancy services to businesses in the telecoms sector. Having worked in many companies within this sector, Cresswell noticed that there was a similar trend in the needs and problems experienced by each company. After having fixed these problems multiple times and provided guidance on best practise in different areas Cresswell decided it was time to offer these services to the wider market.

Springtel was formed with the motto, “Get it right first time, every time” and is focused on providing a tailored and bespoke plan for each and every client.

Our Focus

Springtel’s primary focus is to support telecommunications businesses by providing bespoke, expert consultancy services ranging from service delivery & provisioning to billing & finance through to sales & marketing.

“We pride ourselves on being able to make a difference to the industry by guiding our clients through problems they may be facing. When our clients are happy, we are happy.”

Peter Cresswell, Springtel MD

Springtel consultants are experts in helping you to grow your business