Our Services

 Bill Run ServicesBilling Services

Springtel have experience in billing all sizes of client base. Whether you have 10, 1,000 or even 100,000 customers we can help. We offer both fully managed billing services where we run your entire billing process or assistance with your current billing process, whether that be for holiday or maternity cover or even to help a new billing manager get up to speed.

System Analysis and ConfigurationSystem Analysis 

Our system analysis and configuration services range from setting up a new billing or CRM system, to reviewing your existing setup to check it is set up correctly with dialling codes, charge groups etc… to a complete analysis of your pricing structure identifying ‘levers’ to pull to maximise revenue and minimise wastage.

Sometimes systems don’t provide reports with the information we want, or in the way we want to see it. Springtel can create bespoke reports based off any SQL product (most billing and CRM systems use SQL as their database) to show you the information you want in the format you want to see it in. These reports can then be run on the current data as often as you’d like.
Data Migrationdata-migration
Springtel are experts in migrating data between systems. Whether this be between billing systems (perhaps due to a company acquisition or a new billing system), CRM systems or a combination of both we are able to help. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of the data we port, we will work with each system individually and then test thoroughly to make sure any data migration is 100% accurate.
 Bespoke Softwaresource-code-583537_1280
Springtel can create bespoke software for your business. Give us a call if you would like to discuss this. Some examples of what we have created in the past range from bespoke purchase order systems with cross company and department functionality to push reporting applications to send clients daily CDRs.

Springtel consultants are experts in helping you to grow your business